Monday, June 21, 2010

Suicide Animal Kingdom Jihadist Attacks VFW post

Wire-chewing rat suspected of starting fire
Associated Press - YAKIMA, Wash. - A rat is suspected of starting a fire at the Veterans of Foreign War building in Yakima.

KAPP-TV reports that investigators discovered a rat had chewed through an electrical cord. The rat apparently caught fire and ran to its nest, igniting flammable items.

The fire last week spread quickly through the building, damaging several rooms and war memorabilia.

The fire department says damage could exceed $1 million.

Mrs. Crankbait has an ex-boyfriend who is well-known in his field as an arson investigator (which is quite different from being an arson instigator). He had a phrase to describe the cause of a fire of suspicious origins: "Rats chewing on matches." Perhaps he was merely stumbling upon the early stages of the conspiracy.

Hey, Picklesworth...don't you have a rat?


  1. Crank,

    I have rat from time to time, but I prefer cow.

  2. So, I emailed that news story to the ex-boyfriend/arson investigator and his response was: "I've heard about these rats...too bad that just chewing the electrical cord will not a burning rat make! The rat is more likely a lazy or missinformed fire investigator!".
    There you have it. From an expert. Chewing rats may get a shock, but they won't catch fire.