Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bush whacked from record book

Perhaps the USC football program can now move forward.

In June, the NCAA ruled running back Reggie Bush retroactively ineligible when he won the Heisman Trophy in 2005 because he was breaking rules by receiving extra benefits from would-be sports agents, so USC is giving back the tainted trophy as part of its plan to disassociate the university from Bush, now with the New Orleans Saints.

So for USC to yank one's Heisman Trophy, one doesn't necessarily have to do something as heinous as, say, killing his ex-wife and a waiter.

Good to know.


  1. to be just, USC should return all the millions of dollars the program earned them as well, and have all those games forfieted.
    and all the coaches should return all their pay.

    they were supoosed to be the adults in the situation.

    bush was kid, who played by the rules handed to him by his school. he ran that ball against the toughest competition they could throw at him. he deserves his trophy more than USC deserves a single dollar that was made through him.

  2. Did USC repudiate Orenthal's Heisman? I don't believe so; in USC's mind, it's more heinous to forfeit a national championship than to kill two people. :^)

    Regarding Gino's comment, I'm having trouble believing that Bush actually believed that there was nothing amiss with taking a lot of goodies from sports agents. I ran cross country and track for a couple of semesters at Michigan State, and let me assure you they drummed that message home--despite the fact that nobody was ever going to offer me anything. (I was just good enough to keep the varsity guys honest...they got lazy, they saw me!)

    Finally, USC has joined Obamanation in just blaming Bush! :^)