Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why Brett Favre wants us to believe he's retiring.

11. He's afraid that "education" candidate for governor Matt Entenza will win and force him to pronounce his name phonetically. (oh, wait, the NEA advocates whole language,....never mind)

10. Convenient way of skipping training camp.

9. He's actually already in Mankato visiting the Betsy-Tacy houses....incognito because he shaved.

8. Wants to get enough spices in his blood to kill skeeters before he comes to Twine Ball Country.

7. Convenient way of skipping training camp.

6. Negotiating with owners to get a good blocking running back to replace Adrian Peterson.

5. Secretly filming another Iron Maiden / Donavon video in Mankato with Learned Foot and Elmer.
4. Guest posting top 11 lists about himself on Grumpy Old Men under a pseudonym.

3. Convenient way of getting better name recognition for endorsements without being hit by 300 pound linemen.

2. Get more time to go skeeter hunting in the bayou.

1. He really is retiring before he finds he cannot walk anymore.


  1. Actually it is a snub against Minnesota. Brett didn't get the same response as the cheeseheads and wants revenge.

    In a poll of Packer fans:

    Would you cheat on your spouse if it was with Brett Favre?

    94% said they would!




    And 86% of men said they would!

  2. He thinks he's an Idol. Any publicity is good publicity.