Monday, August 23, 2010

AK Jihadist Foiled by Little Old Lady

Snake in the grass? Live and let live. When they come onto your patio, however, you gotta draw the line.

Wisconsin woman, 79, uses ice chopper to kill rattlesnake on patio
Associated Press Updated: 08/23/2010 11:12:36 AM CDTA

A 79-year-old Sheboygan woman who couldn't find any help when a rattlesnake showed up on her patio says it was no big deal taking matters into her own hands. Margaret Street says she used an ice chopper to kill the snake with three cuts behind the head.

She made some calls hoping to find someone who could help her. She says when that failed she killed the snake because she was afraid it could hurt someone at a nearby elementary school.

Dale Katsma is with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. He says the massasauga rattlesnake is endangered in Wisconsin, but photos suggest this was a prairie rattlesnake, which isn't endangered or native to the area. He tells the Sheboygan Press the snake may have been aboard a train bringing materials to a local salvage yard.

You've got to hand it to the jihadists; they hatch a diabolical plan to stealthily infiltrate one of their agents deep behind our lines to rain terror on elementary school students and "defenseless" old ladies. Too bad their desert training program didn't prepare him to fend off an ice-chopper. Ms. Street should have the snake's hide turned into a tea cozy as a warning to other terrorists.


  1. That's nothing. Back in the day, during a spring break trip to North Padre Island, near Corpus Christi, we killed a rattlesnake with an empty keg. That's back when men were men. Kingdavid

  2. i assume you hoisted up the keg and slammed it down upon the snake?
    if thats the case, real men would have used a full keg.

  3. Actually, it was just a stick, but keep in mind the keg had just been emptied. Understandable mistake. :^)

    Out west, some like to tan the hide and use it as a band around their hat.

  4. The keg was empty? I would have simply drowned the snake.

  5. Now Crankbait is reporting AKJ incidents!

  6. Aye, the keg was empty. We should have all urinated on it. There were 16 of us in a school bus converted to a camper, and there was a second keg (empty) as well. KD