Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just when I thought the Chevy Volt couldn't get any more hilarious--I mean pathetic

I thought it was hilarious enough; it's a Chevy Cobalt that gets the mileage of the much larger (and nicer) Chevy Impala with a Cadillac price tag, and it's "environmentally friendly" plug in hybrid system effectively runs the first 40 miles on coal--that's what the power company runs during the night when demand is low.

No, it's even more hilarious. Evidently, to get that mighty 30mpg (not much better than my minivan on a 90 degree day) with that compact four seater (not even as good as a Cobalt in space or mileage), you need to use premium gasoline. Cadillac price, Cobalt size, and....OK, let's be fair to the Impala. It doesn't get the mileage of the Impala, but rather of a 2000 Venture with 210,000 miles on it, but without the room, comfort, or towing capacity of the minivan. All while running on sulfur-and-soot-emitting bituminous coal from West Virginia and Wyoming.

If there is any better picture of why government needs to get as far as possible from designing our cars, it's the Chevy Volt, which can only get sales with a $7500 government tax credit for buying the stupid thing.


  1. And like the Prius, these cars are only good for 1-2 person commutes to work. You can't use them (practically) for a family vacation. By the way I rented a 2010 Chevy Impala last week in S.C. and I loved the car. Great ride. Very well planned and put together.

  2. Well said. A friend of mine was noting how efficient his Camry hybrid was in getting his family to their vacation, and then I noted that my family of seven used one minivan to get there, while his family of four used two cars.

    Not quite so efficient when you think about it....