Friday, August 6, 2010

Things that must be seen to be believed....

....a woman who claimed she smelled vodka on a pilot's breath has complained that she was removed from the flight. think the pilot is drunk, and then you complain that you're not on the plane he's flying?

Also, for reference, vodka is one of two drinks (peppermint schnapps is the other) that detox centers really watch out for, as they are extremely hard to detect by smell.  (my mom used to work in a hospital that had one)  So to claim you smelled vodka on someone's breath would suggest the pilot was drinking really bad vodka, or an extremely good nose, or (most likely) the woman had no clue what she was talking about. 


  1. Very very interesting........makes me ashamed of being a female - what a daffy duck!

  2. Gabrielle, there are also plenty of male daffy ducks. Our liberal society is equal opportunity in cultivating new daffy ducks nowadays.

  3. Gabrielle, you are awesome!

    And as far as liberals go, I am a Classical Liberal. (opposite of a Liberal Fascist)