Friday, August 13, 2010

Why travel to Serbia, we can have our own competition in NightWriter's backyard

"We are now hoping that the many famous and varied testicle dishes that we have created in the region will become world-famous and attract people who appreciate good food from all over the world."

I'm going to work on my soon to be world famous cabbage rolls stuffed with squirrel testicles. As with all of my great ideas over the years, I'll be having my communication guru, the NightWriter, work up a campaign slogan for when I go public.


  1. NW has already shown an ability to host wonderful events in his yard. i think this is a wise choice of venue,KD.

    i may even fly in for the occasion if scheduled to coincide with them river days you put on in your town.

  2. Before looking at the name ascribed to this one I thought, "yep, that's KD!"

    Squirrel testicles, my word!!!!

  3. BTW, I have a cat that looks like a squirrel. I will definitely keep her away from YOU KD!

  4. dont worry, gabrielle. KD just wants their testicles. your girl cat is safe.

  5. Hmmm. "Sometimes you feel like a nut" comes to mind, but I think that's been used.

  6. I went to grad school with a bunch of Serbians, and I'm pretty sure their version of golubkis is pretty close to the you might be able to go there and get exactly what you propose.

    BTW, if you go, here's a phrase to astound the locals:

    "Bozhe moi! Sekira ti je u glavi!"

    (oh my God! There's an axe in your head!)

    ...and if someone's had too many....

    Ti si debol. (you're fat)

  7. For this festival, did they have to rent a ballroom?

  8. I'm thinking that the folks at Nutty Buddy need to at least sponsor a booth at the Testicular Spectacular.

  9. Thanks Gino, but I was thinking about all the other squirrel hating things KD has wanted to do, like make soup.