Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another entrepreneurial idea has reared it's ugly head.

Okay, so I haven't capitalized on any past ideas, they were all a little out there; but not this one.

It came to me driving home from a men's fishing retreat with my buddy Tim. Tim is a 911 dispatcher with Hennepin County. We got onto the subject of the number of calls they get for loose animals from farms and ranches. We're talking buffalo, emus, Llamas, your run of the mill cows and horses, and elk. Yes, I said elk. He said there's a guy raising elk on his property, and they're worth about $10,000, each. One day a couple got loose and one got hit by a car, but not killed. An officer had to finish him off, and ended up shooting the other one as it started to go onto the highway.

So, my idea is (no, not raising elk) to start a roundup business to go out and wrangle all manner of assorted stray little dogies and other species of wayward critters. I figure all I need is a good rope, and a really large stun gun. Not quite sure on the transporting angle yet; but, in the meantime I figure I can rig up a ramp in the back of the mini-van and a good pulley system.

Of course, the real money will come with the reality show.


  1. yes, a reality show!
    count me in.

  2. I bet I'd win best actor in a reality comedy series, beating out the Sea Shepherd captain from Whale Wars.

  3. i dont think you'd be acting.

    hey, we could make that alligator catcher from down under look like an amateur.

  4. Great idea -- you could call the show "The Rockford Files." Oh, wait....

  5. It's worth noting that wild/exotic animals are said to be a little more difficult to rope than a cow.....

  6. PB: I think we can all agree that goes without saying.

    BB: I think the trick would be to use the really big stun gun first, then the rope.

  7. I think you should call the show 'Horns'. And run it head to head against 'Swords'. or 'Deadliest Fetch'!