Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hide em if you got em

Dale Morris, 61, of Stroudsburg, is charged after allegedly hitting her husband in his groin and then his head with a crowbar Monday evening in their home.

The double whammy. What if you had the choice of where your wife was going to hit you---the noggin or the nads---which would you choose? I might have to go with the noggin. Just another example that reinforces the idea that there are many, many men out there that should continually wear a Nutty Buddy.

Police learned that Morris' husband had left her a note that enraged her and that she attacked him with the crowbar when he came home.

What could the guy have possibly written in the note that she would take a crowbar to his 'boys?' Maybe he told her he wasn't enamored with her tuna stuffed baked potatoes and to cut it out of their menu. With Mocha-momma, I wouldn't be so concerned about her coming at me with a crowbar---it's the 10 pound calphalon skillet I'd be worried about.


  1. Even though unmentioned, my guess is just as you know that Amy will be playing when a DJ says up next is Pure Prairie League, that yes, alcohol was probably involved.