Thursday, September 30, 2010

Question of the day!

It looks more and more like White House shower harasser blue streaker Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is going to jump like a rat from a sinking ship take an opportunity to become mayor of Chicago. So now the question is, what kind of mayor would he be? Would he be like...

A. Richard J. "Hey, that ballot box doesn't look quite full, let's go to grandpa's neighborhood and get out the vote" Daley.

B. Michael "You mean it snows in Chicago?" Bilandic.

C. Jane "Cabrini Green is absolutely safe....with a dozen armed guards" Byrne.

D. Harold "They didn't teach me in law school you needed to file your tax returns" Washington.

E. Richard M. "Let me show you the need for strict gun control by threatening you with a gun no self-respecting gangbanger would carry" Daley.

F. Not a mayor, but you can't count out Rod (no quote here, this is a family friendly blog) Blagojevich.

Judging by Rahm's language, I'm going with "F", and wouldn't be surprised if he, like Blago, ended up on the wrong end of an investigation. For that matter, I wouldn't be surprised if there were some legal reasons behind Daley's refusal to run again.


  1. I tend to agree, though with Rahm's obvious non-residency of Chicago, the Daley analogy is quite apt--never mind with the competence of his boss, the Bilandic analogy works pretty well, too.

    I think we can rule out Byrne, since she was too cordial while being a fool, but not Washington, given the trouble Mr. Geithner had with his taxes.