Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Time for some gratitude

It's time to be grateful; today, I'm very happy for two things.  First, the heavy rains we got have really helped my allergies.  Second, I'm glad to announce that a bitter enemy of mine--one who made my life miserable--has died a slow, painful death.  What  a joy!

Nope, I'm not rejoicing in the demise of a human being, of course.  I'm talking about my bathroom scale.


  1. Somehow it died, but feel free to blame me. :^)

  2. i wouldnt think you had much use for a scale, bubba.
    you appear fairly fit and well kept for a man your age.

  3. But if I want to pretend I'm 25 again..... :^)

    Seriously, given that there can be a lot of fat that the mirror doesn't show, and I've got a strong family tendency towards heart disease....