Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cruise ship update for KD!

One would think that sinking in a sea full of sharks would be the most terrifying thing that could happen on a cruise ship, or possibly the ship catching fire and burning to death in a blaze of fuel.  Nope, that's not the worst thing that could happen by a long shot.

What is?

When the ship loses power and thousands of people are forced to subsist on SPAM.  One can only pray that this horror ends soon, before passengers start throwing themselves to the sharks in desperation.

As if any self-respecting shark would eat a person who has been eating SPAM.  :^)


  1. all that spam eating sound good to me.
    i love spam.

  2. Mmmm. Sliced thin and fried crispy, with mayo and lettuce on toast.

  3. thats the ticket, crankbait.

    those who smear spam and praise bacon havent a clue what they miss.

  4. You're next trip to MN, Gino, we'll have to take you to the Spam Museum in Austin, MN!

  5. Yer just tryin' to avoid bein' eaten by a shark!

  6. There was only one thing missing from this cruise ship story: the projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea of a viral outbreak. With the spam, they won't need the viral outbreak as a cause. I just remembered they made it back to port, at least now they'll have their own toilets to run to. (KD)

  7. oh, you of little spam faith. have you no shame?

    i say:
    No Spam, No Peace!

    crankbait: that would be really cool. and we can teach baby moose the correct path before his blogger uncles corrupt him with their heresy.

  8. No worries about Baby Moose, Gino. His mother has been strong in the Spam from a young age.