Monday, November 22, 2010

Vikings are PR Whores

Today is Ron Gardenhire Day in Minnesota, paying homage to the Minnesota Twins manager and 2010 AL Manager of the Year. However, this sports day has been consumed with the firing of Vikings coach Brad Childress.

Gardy was hired as Twins manager on January 4, 2002.....the very same day then Vikes coach Denny Green was fired.


  1. Hey, how are the ViQueens going to get their new stadium if they don't publicize their great 3-7 season so far?

    Except by going to Lost Wages or Los Diablos, that is. :^)

  2. if the vikes move, they better change their name. that name is too tied to MN's ethnic heritage. it needs to stay there, and would not fit proper anywhere else.

    maybe, if they go to LA, we can name them Los Mojados.

  3. Thats what Favre will do to your team... Make them media whores.

  4. The Vikings have always been the #1 show in town, even before Favre. However, he definitely brings the attention to another level.

  5. I didn't mind them being in the media when they were good! But the as you may have noticed, and who couldn't, the media is only interested in controversy. I'd say they've gotten much more publicity this year than the better teams in the league. They could care less who wins the elections. As long as there's a story, good or bad, they're gonna beat it to death. What I really hate is how fox sports, is now trying to decisions. They've put out there for both the Cowboys and Vikings, the day before.. that the coaches should be fired. Shut the hell up! Let private business make their own decisions! What do you think this is...the government?