Saturday, December 11, 2010

King David Speaks of the Olden Times

Via Facebook: 

"All the talk of this blizzard coming through made me think of the time I was at my buddies' place over in Uptown, and we got caught in a blizzard with no beer in the fridge. Did the whiteout conditions stop us from driving up Lake Street to the nearest beer store? Heck no, we were young and extremely stupid. Thank God those days are 30 years behind me. Plenty of caffeine free diet cokes in the fridge."  


Or try some of this delectable and exceedingly delicious beverage next time.  


  1. Fortunately, I have a Caribou just up the street. Plenty of egg nog lattes for me!

  2. this why Chad recommends (we'll modify this for teetotalers) a "strategic beverage reserve"?

    Just remember, per a challenge KD issued to me, NOT to put light beer or diet pop out in the cold at ten below. It will pop the top a little before you wanted it to be open.