Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NFC North QB rankings - Week 16

1) A-Rodge
2) J-Cut
3) JWebb
4) Shill

By the way, the Bears clinch a first round bye thanks to the Vikings upsetting the Eagles. As such, the Bears have nothing to play for this Sunday versus the Packers, who need to win to clinch a playoff berth.

Gino? You're welcome!

Mr. D, WB, and Palm Boy? Ditto!


  1. hell of a game the vikes pulled out. i thought i was going to see a whipping of MN.

    and i think you have found your QB of the post-farve yrs. this joe webb has a lot to offer.

  2. Yeah, Webb is still very raw, but definitely has some skills. If the Vikes can hang on to their young skill players like Rice, Harvin and AP, I think a QB like Webb could flourish.

  3. You see it exactly the way I do, Brad -- the Vikes did the Pack a huge favor. And I agree, Webb has a lot of potential. The one obvious difference between Webb and T-Jack is that you can see Webb is a lot more confident player. That matters a lot in football.

  4. But the Bears do have much to play for. They can still win home field advantage. I doubt though that Atlanta will lose and they'll know by the time they play. Home field advantage is huge in the playoffs. Case in point, Vikes and Narlins last year.

  5. The only way the Bears get the #1 seed is they beat GB, Atlanta loses at home to Carolina and NO loses at home to TB. It's a long shot for all that to happen.

    Since the Bears are the healthiest team in the NFL, I'm certain they'd like to keep it that way. They may play all their starters for the first half but that's it.

  6. This is one of the rare times in my life I was happy to see a Vike's victory.

    In regards to the Bears throwing in the towel on sunday, has that ever happened against the Packers?

  7. yes, the last time we went to the super bowl, (with the #1 seed) Bears allowed the pack a route in the final meet of the year.

  8. Bears allowed the pack a route in the final meet of the year.

    Yeah, but Rex Grossman admitted that his mind was on a New Year's Eve party taking place after that game. Come to think of it, his mind seemed elsewhere a lot that season.

  9. and i think lovie sat the starters midway, too. the bears didnt really play that game. they just took the feiled to get it over with.

    i understand its been since the 90's when GB beat the bears in a game that mattered (to the bears).
    personally, i hope they show up to play to keep them off the card, cause GB would be tough to beat twice at their current momentum.