Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jay Cutler

The dude over on the left
Is Jay Cutler.
Look it up.
He's scary looking.
He's constipated.
He's fake-baked.
He's wearing a man thong.
He's wrong for Chicago.
He's wrong for America.

Go Packers.
At least our quarterback
Looks like Will Farrell.


  1. How do YOU know if he's constipated? And I doubt he's gay.

  2. any gay packer would be familiar with a constipated expression.

  3. I'm reminded of the time my mom and stepdad took me out for BBQ, and the restaurant inexplicably changed from football to bodybuilding. Whereupon my dear sainted mother commented "I don't know any women that like men that look like that," and I responded "maybe they're not trying to attract women."

    At which point I got a glare from my mother that, had it been a sword, would have killed me right then and there.

    So that's definitely a GreenBay fan in the picture..... :^)

  4. What's scarier is the color of his skin. What's he doing, sitting in a tanning booth for hours? The guy is all obsessed with his appearance.

  5. That's not a tan, that's a base coat of Rustoleum.

  6. I was thinking Kiwi brown shoe polish......shades of Al Jolson, sad to say.