Thursday, January 13, 2011

Let's talk about something that matters - bad college uniforms

Watching the BCS championship game the other night, I was admiring the way the Oregon's accent (maze?) glowed. This uniform combination has taken it to new a level. It's like a super hero's outfit or something. That said, all of their alternate uniform combinations are awful.

For you consideration I give you three really bad uniforms. I'd throw out Penn State as bad also but they didn't make my top 3.

3rd worse...Boise State. This is just wrong. This color should only be used on sails and hot air baloons.
2nd worse....West Virginia. Their all yellow uniforms make them look like some crazed kitchen designers.
And worse of all time...University of Minnesota's all maroon. This isn't even maroon, it's like a brown. Watching them lose consistantly for the last 50 years has also not helped their comeliness. Is that a word?


  1. Yep, it's a word. And you're right; it doesn't describe their uniforms. I'd disagree with you on Penn St, though. Those uniforms are pretty classic.

  2. Two schools deserve recognition for bad uniforms: Virginia Tech and Clemson, because of color scheme issues. Tech wears maroon and burnt orange, while Clemson wears orange and purple. Neither of these schools apparently had Garanimals when they were young....

  3. I think the Boise uni's colors can also be allowed for use on pretty women, should they so choose.

  4. i liked Oregons uniforms, too.

  5. Palm boy, I think Boise blue would be great on Easter eggs also. I actualy considered V Tech for the hall of shame! W. B. My problem with Penn State is it staleness. Charcoal and White. No accents, no logos, no sparkles!

  6. I like Penn State's uniforms; let the sparkle be on the field, not the uniform.

    And of course, Michigan ought to be up there on the "awful" list, too. Did ya know that the design on the helmet was put there because their quarterback (a la Vinny Testaverde) was having trouble seeing different colors? To think that a "Meeshigan" QB actually got to throw the ball that long ago just boggles the mind. :^)