Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yeah, it took her a few shots to down that moose....

....but I think Sarah Palin might be able to bag Kathy Griffin if Griffin follows through on her stated plan to abuse yet another Palin, methinks.  I'm so glad to see that liberals are so eager to hold to the principle of "politicians' children are off limits" that they used when Chelsea Clinton was living in the White House, too.  Just ask Barbara and Jenna Bush.


  1. Yeah, but it's Kathy Griffin, "comedienne." I find it difficult to hold all leftists culpable for the whims of a caustic hag who makes a living insulting people.

    Griffin is your classic parasite who makes her hay by invoking the names of those who are more noteworthy.

  2. if anything, griffin should just be ashamed of her lack of originality.

  3. Good point, Brad, but.....well....let's remember what we saw about the Bush daughters from a LOT of sources on the left during his Presidency. Suggesting that it's Ms. Griffin alone is....a stretch, methinks.