Thursday, February 10, 2011

A bit of levity....

Apparently, to reach the highest levels in many corporations, one does not need to be very observant or intelligent. How do we know this?

Take a look. Apparently, nobody at Ferrari thought people at Ford might mind if they named their new Formula 1 car the "F150," and apparently, nobody at Ford considered that nobody would ever confuse a Ferrari with an F150.

And even though I'm currently driving a GMC, even I can figure out that Ford's pickup is the better car. Unless you allow me to sell the Ferrari and both pay off my mortgage and get a new Traverse or Suburban. Then I'd like the Ferrari better if you were to give it to me.

Until I sell it to some sucker lucky buyer.


  1. What we have here are too many lawyers with time on their hands!

  2. ...and too few people with a lick of sense at major corporations.....

  3. This is great! When I tell someone I own an F150, they'll think my rusty old truck is a Ferrari. Just don't tell my insurance agent.