Friday, February 25, 2011

That's going to take a lot of Miller Lite and Cheddarwurst!

Apparently, the SEIU is vowing to turn North Dakota into Wisconsin.  OK, give it a try, boys, but that's going to take a lot of beer and cheese, and planting a few trees (and hills) might help, too.


  1. and they'll need a football team.

  2. Now come on; you give North Dakota an NFL team, Minnesota will want one, too!

    BTW, UND has beaten the Gophers a couple of times recently on the gridiron.

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  4. dude, thats not how this shit works.
    YOU follow a blog, join the discussion, get to know us, and we will naturally want to visit your at your place for more discussion and banter, hopefully making a friend or two along the way.

    THAT is how this works. and it works well, let me tell you. the cast of characters who make up this group effort, first of all, have blogs of our own as well... and still come here to chill with the boys in addition to.
    became friends through blogging, not the other way around.

    a mighty fine group of men here. get to know us, instead of looking for preach bait for your own theology.
    but i assume you arent about the former, only the latter...
    and i'll pass.

    apparently i'm not alone in that regard, which is why you beg for a congregation.