Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This isn't a finely nuanced argument.  It is, instead, my reaction to Mr. D's post that Republicans might be getting weak-kneed in Wisconsin.  My emotions lead me in on direction: eliminationist rhetoric (of the lousy poetical variety.)
Crush some garlic; crush a bug
Crush the tyrant; he's a thug.
Crush the grapes to make some wine
"Crush", a soda that's just fine.
Crush, the shallow love of youth.
Crush, a job assigned your tooth.
Crush a beetle, though it stinks;
Crush a cockroach if it winks;
Crush the bugs that eat the crop;
Crush a union; make it pop!
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  1. I think that says more than "I'm a public bus driver in Wisconsin, and I earned $150,000 last year by billing a half hour for every phone call I received while off duty"! Oh and try to fire me even though nobody here rides the bus!

  2. I had held back on commenting about Picklesworth poetry. Ahhhhhh, such delightful word arrangements!