Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ViQueens stadium thoughts

One "reason" given by advocates of a new stadium for the ViQueens is that if we lose them, we'd be nothing more than a cold Omaha.

On the bright side, if the Twin Cities became a "Cold Omaha," wouldn't we have a lot of good steakhouses within a ten minute drive, and wouldn't we have the five time national champion Nebraska Cornhuskers just an hour away?  Sign me up!  We'd finally have a decent football team in the state--and it wouldn't depend on the Packers or Bears coming to town!


  1. If I remember Omaha correctly you would also have those stock yards up wind on a warm summer day...

  2. Actually, most of the stockyards are out in the sticks these days. And is it any different than the ViQueens stinking up the field to the smell of cheap, stale beer?