Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Did We Really Need One More Bubba?

So, it looks like another member of GOM has managed to convince a fine lady to be still for a minute

Before we all start singing the 'Viva Viagra' song, I first want to congratulate Bike Bubba (who appears to still have some powder in the pan, even after 40) and the lovely lady he suckered into marriage on their pending arrival.

We all know what comes next: A naming pool.
How's about it?

Just leave your entries in the comment section.


  1. guess i'll go first,eh...

    if its a boy: Clint Malachi.

    It's got that machismo sound to it, and biblical too.
    how can this be wrong?

    if its a girl: Mary Eva. Serioulsy, is there a more worthy woman in the bible than Mary, mother our Lord, to name a child after, and the one who foreshadowed her?

  2. Gino, you mean all that stuff you wrote is translated "Bubba is having a baby?" - ha ha! OK, if it's a boy, Barack Obama, if a girl, Hilary Clinton, of course!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha!

  3. We're having a contest at work right now to name our new mannequin (we need one for photo shoots).

    Since it has no head, I suggested Ichabod.

    Congrats, Bubba -- assume you and the missus will figure out a good name all by yourself, but if you want one:

    Boy: Frédéric
    Girl: Rose

    Bet you'll know why I picked both, too.

  4. Boy: King David
    Girl: Queen David

  5. Mr. D., are you referring to Frederic Bastiat and Rose Wilder Lane? Not bad if that's what you're getting at.....

    ....and Gabrielle, you are one sick lady....and you too, KD! :^)

  6. James Mordecai if it's a boy.
    Sophia Gladys if it's a girl.

    Gino, Mary P----? That might make for a tough childhood.

  7. I assumed you'd get the references, BB.

  8. WB, the little one is in for a tough childhood already, don't ya think, with four big sisters and a big brother?

    But yeah, no rhyming names. :^)

  9. Congrats, BB! SIX kids now?!?! I had no clue you were an Irish Catholic.

    Boy: James Evan ("Jim" in honor of the Twins pitching great, of course)

    Girl: Katy (Some of you may get this reference, so I'm partially kidding here)

  10. Call me Paddy, Brad.

    And ironically, if I'd been a girl, I would have been Catherine. So Katy wouldn't have been that far off, except I hope I'd never wear a latex dress.

  11. brad: catholics, sadly, do not breed anymore like they used to. but i'm sure bubba will get lots of folks asking what stake he belongs to.

  12. Even more hilarious, Gino, as some of my ancestors took part in the "Mormon War" that evicted them from Nauvoo, Illinois. Suffice it to say that Mrs. Bubba is not hoping to be pregnant for all eternity.

    And "Brigham" and "Joseph" are off the list, obviously--the latter also because of Aerosmith.

  13. all jokes aside... i greatly respect and admire your large family.
    if i could do one thing over again, it would be to have about 5 more kids than i do now.

  14. Congrats BB!!!

    Good for you! Nah, I'm content being an empty nester.

  15. If it's a boy I will suggest Kevin Peter Perry. ;)
    Or, better yet, the mothers maiden name is always a great middle name!