Friday, May 18, 2012

Grumpy Old Avengers

This, my friends, is how our eclectic crew would be cast in the Avengers film.

KingDavid - Ironman/Tony Stark -Fearless leader, the one with the wit in times appropriate and not. Also, pretty fly for a white guy. And Crotchety.  

Captain America - BikeBubba - A man out of time in thought and method, but somehow very much on time. Has a strange persistence in telling about Jesus.

Black Widow - W. B. Picklesworth - Not entirely sure. Probably Russian. We may never know. ;)

Mr. D - Hawkeye - The one who will count the dead with accuracy inerrant.

 K-Rod - Thor - Where does he come from? How does he wield such a mighty hammer of intellect? Whats with the hair?

Nick Fury - Brad Carlson - Has a keen eye for what is going on both above and below the surface, and has a deep appreciation of American baseball.

NightWriter - Agent Coulson - Always ready to party.

Palm Boy - Loki. The kid brother playing with stuff he doesn't understand and might should not meddle with.

Gino - The Hulk - The only possibility for Bruce or Gino. Steals the show, impresses the ladies, and has fun doing it.


  1. I'm just glad I'm a superhero who doesn't wear his underwear on the outside of his uniform, thank you very much.

    Ben, how you've changed.

  2. And I look good in maroon. KD