Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dallas Woman Sues Neighbor Over Smoking

Dallas Morning News: "A Dallas woman has filed a lawsuit seeking six figures from a former neighbor and landlord for damage she says was caused by cigarette smoke wafting through adjoining walls of her high-end townhome."

This. Is. Rubbish. 


  1. Years (and years) ago, I was rooming with a guy who owned a house, and he up and decided one day to ask his girlfriend of 10 years to get married. It all happened rather quickly, so I had to find a place to stay asap. I ended up renting a room at what I guess would be called a boarding house for about a month.

    One of the other tenants was a long-time resident, whose breakfast, lunch and dinner consisted of beer. Every night, and I mean every night, his ritual was to go in to the bathroom, smoke, and take a horrendous 1 hour dump. My room was right next to the bathroom, and if this woman thinks she had it bad, it pales in comparison to the stench I put up with for that month. (it was just unfortunate that this guys methane output wasn't able to kill the fleas in my room)

  2. If OSHA can sample the air and determine that certain levels are above acceptable levels this whining woman might have a leg to stand on, otherwise throw this lawsuit out and charge her for costs incurred to the court and defender.

  3. OSHA has no jurisdiction here.

  4. True, but a similar way to measure and set acceptable limits is more meaningful... and could prevent this batshitcrazy woman from wasting... grrrrrrr