Sunday, September 13, 2009

Don't drive "grumpy"

OK, I have about 100 peeves whilst driving; but let's just cover a couple here. 

What makes people think that if you tailgate somebody close enough on a highway, that all 2000 cars in front of the car you're tailgating will suddenly part like the Red Sea and allow you to do the 80 or 90 mph that you think you're entitled to travel at and get to the front of the line.  I've never seen that it works; but, I may try it one day---it'll work for me I bet.

Do you find this to be the case for you---probably 90% of the time I have a tailgater, a dangerously close tailgater, it's a woman.  Do they not have any concept whatsoever of the physics behind braking and the necessary reaction times of both human and machine?  I guess not.

And lastly.  If I found myself inadvertently performing this type of park, I'd actually go back, restart my car, and pull in correctly.  This woman, who pulled in right next to my son and I at a Taco Bell in Alexandria, was just totally oblivious to what the heck she was doing.  (at least she wasn't behind us on the highway, she probably would have been about 3 feet off my tail)


  1. I'm with you. How I hate to be tailgated. Didn't know that it was women. Judging by the number of women that are in the age category right now of over 40 or even over 50, I'd say that there are a lot of women going through menopause out there. Maybe that's why it's usually a woman coming up from behind.

  2. You might want to stay in the right lane.

    "Slower Traffic Move Right"

    Do you ever get passed when you are in the left lane?

  3. I usually do stay in the right lane, and let all the wolf packs pass me as they fight for position. I'm talking about seeing it occurring to other people.

    I use to watch when I commuted quite a ways years ago. There was a 5 mile stretch of Hwy, and I'd keep track of one vehicle that cut me off at the beginning of that stretch. This one woman made 15 lane changes during rush hour traffic, and ended up 2 cars in front of me at the end of that stretch. Some people turn into complete idiots behind the wheel of a car.