Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thanks Jay

Gino was reticent about Jay Cutler. For this week at least Gino was right. Maybe his receivers will start running their routes better, maybe his line will provide better protection, but any way you slice it, 4 interceptions isn't good.

Oh, and that 50 yard touchdown from Rodgers to Jennings was awful purty.


  1. I wasn't heart broken Cutler stunk up the joint but, to his credit, he was able to rally the Bears in the second half. And that fourth INT was on the receiver.

    I still think Cutler will have a good year.

  2. That pass was a thing of beauty at the end. I had really just finished saying 'Fine. I'll take that traitor Favre back if it means we can win games like these at then end"... then BAM, Rodgers goes off and grows some hair on his chest and wins a game at the end.