Saturday, September 19, 2009

Grumpy Old Men Rugby Club

Some of you may recall from The Far Wright that I was a rugby player in my younger days.  After college, a bunch of us who played at Gustavus got together and founded the Metro Rugby Club.  Last year, I found out one of the guys I work with plays on a team called Metropolis Rugby Club, which was a merger of my former team and another Minneapolis club.  They have quite an active and strong regional team(s) that participate in the 5 state area. 

We went to a game today over in Columbia Heights, and it again brought back the 'glory days.'  I think we should get a team together with a bunch of grumpy old guys from the MOB.

This is a lineout, the strategy is to lift one guy to snatch the toss in.  Okay, so it may take all 14 other guys to lift one of us, and we'll all probably have to take about 30 Advils before the game just to make it through the 90 minutes playing time, and we'll probably need oxygen on the sidelines, and we'll probably want to ensure that there's a hospital nearby, (or at least ensure that the local ambulance service is on alert)  and we'll probably want to make sure we all have our disability insurance paid up, and we might not be able to make plans for the next day or two after a match---but hey, it could be fun.

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