Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week Two

It's looking to be a tough start to the season. The Bears defense has already taken quite a beating, and we are just getting started.
Urlacher is out for the season.
Pisa Tinoisamoa is out as well. For now,anyway.
That's two first level defensive starters, against a team that won last year's Super Bowl, and looks like a reasonable bet to compete for it again.

I'm not so sure the Bears will be able to stop the Steelers, so we'll have to just try to out score them, instead. I'm thinking that right about now would be a good time for Jay Cutler to show us what that trade was all about.
What about it Jay? Ready to cast out your inner Rex? I hope so.

As for the rest of the NFC North:
I'll give the Minnesota Favres 3 TD's over the Lions. Oh, wait... my bad, it's the Lions. Better make that 4 TD's.
Packers over the Browns by 10.

Have a good Sunday, fellow Grumpies.


  1. I think Green Bay will take the Bengals by 10 as well.

  2. I'll take the Packers over Miami (Ohio) University by 56.

  3. I think the Packers win 35-7, but I hope the one Bungles TD is scored by Chad Ochocinco. True to his word, He WILL do the Lambeau Leap if he scores a touchdown.

  4. Packers will win, but it won't be a huge margin. I think the Bears have a chance this week -- Pittsburgh is good but not great and in a defensive game the little things mean a lot and the Bears do a lot of the little things very well. Vikes? I wouldn't be too worried about it, Vikings fans.