Sunday, September 20, 2009

Before the Vikings won, 27-13, Gino posted.....

Lions capitalize on a Favres fumble in the first quarter, and draw first blood.
Lions 3
Favres 0

How can this be?


  1. What the h**l is going on with Fox. I have audio but no video. Get Frank VS The Boys off my screen and get the game on. Dammit, I'm getting really grumpy now.

  2. Lousy cable company----I just called Guitarman and found out he's getting the game in, it must be our stinking cable company. They're in the 2nd quarter and I still can't see the game.

  3. looks like you need to go hang out at his place for a while.

  4. Finally, just in time to see the Vikings score. Gino, sorry I missed your call, I was talking to the cable company about a whole different issue. I'll try and call you back later.