Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Could have been worse....it could have been Mongo's ride that wandered away.

WORLAND, Wyo. (AP) - A northwestern Wyoming man received a citation for letting his horse wander in Worland, but not before he complained to town law enforcement officials about the absence of a hitching post in front of the local saloon. William Schellinger was cited by Washakie County law enforcement officers for allowing his horse to run at large in this city along the Big Horn River.

I still think one of the funniest cinematic moments in the history of movies was when Mongo punches out the horse. I remember laughing my guts out when I first saw it, and I still laugh when I see it. If Blazing Saddles is on the tube, I might not watch the whole movie because I've seen it so many times; but, I'll always check back and make sure I see this one scene.


  1. Mongo not know. Mongo only pawn in game of life. Gotta love that movie.

  2. Now the question I have is whether the man was cited for drunken riding. (you can be for drunken bicycling, I figure this would be about the same)

    On the more serious side, wouldn't you complain to, say, the saloon owner if you felt a hitching post outside would be appropriate?

    (which is why I think the cowhand probably should have been cited for drunken riding....his thinkin' wasn't exactly workin' much better than Mongo's)

    And personally, I think you boys have had enough beans.

  3. I have a hitching ring in front of my house ... it's a quiditude of Portland, the city keeps them when they repave a sidewalk. We are fond of them. Sometime I hope to have my parents bring out one of their horses, just to hitch it to the post.

    Seriously, though (can a reply to this post be serious ;)? ) ... if a bicycle rider can find a way to secure their bike to Random Local Objects, the cowboy could have too. No hitching post isn't a decent excuse, and having a couple of horses unattractively blocking pedestrian access to the business might be an effective way to persuade a business owner to see the value in this anti-big-petrol, low-carbon-emissions mode of transportation ;). It was an ugly couple of years on the bike-activist front here in Portland, but I'm sure Worland will emerge receiving plaudits for being the Most Horse-Friendly City in America soon ;).

    (No clever movie quote from me, I've only seen it twice.)

  4. The big difference between attaching a bike to "just about anything" and doing the same with a horse is that the horse, unlike my bicycle, is capable of moving on its own. Needs to be a little more robust, methinks....at least in places without a lot of crime.