Sunday, October 4, 2009


It grows.

Meanwhile, in Denver, the Broncos are 4-0, as Kyle Orton rode his D to deliver the winning TD pass when they needed it most. He has a habit of doing it this way. I guess he's a conservationist. Doesn't want to waste any points; in a 'use only what you need' kinda way.

Broncos have a tough D, limiting their opponents to just 26 total points in four games.

Gotta tell the Cowboys fans: you can have all the Romos you want. But when the rest of the team does their job, all you need is one Orton, who I don't think has thrown an interception yet.


  1. Yeah, Orton has been pretty good! 5 TDs, ZERO picks.

  2. he doesnt have the skills of cutler, but he doesnt throw the game away. he's always cool and calm. takes charge of the situation, and lets the others do their jobs.

    he wasnt the most respected Bear for nothing. i'm still an orton fan, i dont care what others have to say. ist not about the stats for me. its the heart of the player.

  3. its the heart of the player.

    Reminds me of Jim McMahon. He didn't put up the most eye-popping stats but he sure won a lot of games.

  4. 'eye-popping'? lol
    you do know he only had one eye anyway, right?

  5. ya know whats funny?
    rex took us to the super bowl, and three yrs later he's working for groceries.
    kyle sat the bench, and he'll still have a career for a while...

  6. 'eye-popping'? lol
    you do know he only had one eye anyway, right?

    HA!! Yes, Gino, I do know that but had forgotten. Pardon the unintentional pun!

  7. Congrats to Orton and the Broncos.

    Romo's been mediocre at best so far this season. It seems time to once again revive the Romo-and-the-Hot-Blonde Jinx theory.

    His latest conquest is Candice Crawford, and his football play has been reminiscent of his early relationship phases with Carrie and Jessica.