Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Health Insurance Rant

I just received a short term (6 month)quote for health Insurance. They offer the plan at $297.00 per month, with 100% coinsurance and a $3,500 deductable.

Ummm let me see. 100% coinsurance means that once the deductable is exhausted then the plan kicks in 100%.

$297 per month plus $3,500 means that on a bad year we'll paying $589 per month. It's no wonder why the economy is dead in the water. When families are paying $7,068 annually for a lousy health insurance plan that is only available short term... I wonder how much more it's going to cost me for long term coverage!

Last year my family of 5 spent less than $2000 on all our medical and dental bills. We paid the dental out of pocket but were insured for the doctors visits. This year we're on a pace to spend half that (God willing) with a decision coming up on braces for crafty girl.

I'm not sure who's to blame but I'm just gonna pass it around here. Shame on you hospitals for charging me $20 dollars for a sterilized scissors which I don't even get to keep. Shame on you service company for charging $20 for cleaning the scissors. Shame on the CEO's of the health insurance companies for accepting a 53 million dollar bonus. Shame on the Welfare mothers and fathers who drag themselves and children to doctor for every sniffle and birth control prescription on the publics' dime. Shame on me for going along with this ridiculous scheme for 29 years.

For the 1st time in 20 years we have a little extra money. It's not because I'm making more since I'm unemployed...It's because the money boat isn't sailing down the river with mine and my bosses health insurance premium every month.

Sure I'm scared that one of us is going to get cancer and then we'll lose the house. But If I try to pay for Health and Dental insurance on my own I'm going to lose it anyway.


  1. That insurance rate actually seems pretty low to me.

  2. Are you buying it yourself? It is cheap.

  3. It's cheap but I'll get nothing from it. How does one acrue $3,500 in out of pocket costs for short term 6 month coverage. It only pays off if we have a catastrophe in the next 6 months. I lose both ways. That's why I'm balking at getting anything.

  4. How does one acrue $3,500 in out of pocket costs for short term 6 month coverage.

    One traffic accident, a bad bout with H1N1. . . .

  5. That rate is actually kinda low, but it obviously could be lower if we enacted smart reforms.

    Buzzword "Competition"
    Subsidizing ObamaNationCare is monopolistic in nature; it's not competition.
    The federal government should open the health insurance market across state borders to increase competition.

    Everyone needs to have some skin in the game, even the Cadillac plans should require a 100% co-insurance with a reasonable tiered deductible. People will give more thought to that ER or Urgent Care visit when they have to spend their own money...

  6. I had the H1N1 in July. Usually I kick a cold in three, maybe four days if its real bad. Oy vey, I was in bed for four days straight and didn't kick it for over two weeks.

    My wife told me to go to the doctor. I said hell no, all a Doc is going to do is tell me that I am sick. I don't need a doctor to tell me that; I already know it!