Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Song Parody - Hey there Obama sung to Plain White T's Delilah

To help you remember how the song goes be sure to give a listen to Tim Hawkins version

The Young dead Elm clan has carefully crafted this Parody song. I think we nailed it!

Hey There Obama
This is your tax payining minion
I know you took the office
and you have a strong opinion
bout how I should live
And how I should give
I feel like a sieve!

Hey There Obama
You give hand out to the bankers
who drive Acuras and Lexus
while Joe the Plumber tanks
and foots the bill
for your parties on the hill
you make a kill

Woe the Economy
How it troubles me
It's a driftin out to sea
Is it as bad as it could be

A new house seems like a dream
and they've got equal lending opportunity
the banks don't care how poor you are.

Now on our mortgage we're behind
but I've no worries of any kind
Cause Obama's opened up the money jar!

He's said he will take care of me.
Bail outs as far as you can see.

To him it's all just one big game
and we're to blame!

Hey there Obama
you revile the corporations
pointing fingers accusations
while your tax dodging appointees hem and haw

they blame their problems on their Ma
And get a job for their old Pa
Then say tata.

Woe the Economy
There's no personal responsibility
I'm as carefree as can be
My unemployment check sustaining me
just barely

By: Guitarman along w/Inkle mama, Crafty girl and Lego Lad - March 2009!

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  1. I thought guitarman would show up on GOM somewhere!!!!

    That was good, and sounded like a guitarman original!!