Saturday, October 10, 2009

I wonder if he came back to taunt them a second time....

We drove out to Belgrade MN this morning to watch Hannah play in a volleyball tournament. This is one of those three town schools, the Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Jaguars, and it's about an hour and a half drive due west on Hwy 55 from Rockford.  I didn't realize until I just looked it up, but today is the opener of pheasant hunting season.

Somewhere out past Paynesville, I saw a group of guys off to the left side of the road all garbed in orange vests, probably about 10 guys.  As we got closer I realized they were all carrying shotguns and there were a few dogs running around, so I assumed they were pheasant hunting.  Just before we got to them, a deer came bolting across the road from the right, and booked right through their group.  Pretty ballsy deer.  I wonder if he farted in their general direction as he ran past.

I know these guys aren't going to open up on a deer with shotguns, but it must have been tempting for a hunter.  On the way back we saw two other groups of hunters out in fields.  I'm not sure I like having groups of guys firing off shells right next to a high traffic roadway.


  1. Belgrade! Did you see the giant crow statue? I went to wedding their once, many years ago.

  2. Thanks Margaret, now we're gonna have to make the 2 hour drive back to Belgrade so I can see the crow statue. We'll have to find a motel in town and make it a weekend event.

  3. kd, I wouldn't be worried one bit about those pheasant hunters... unless you are a pheasant...

    .... .... ....

    Safety First.

    ALWAYS follow these IMPORTANT safety rules:

    1. Treat every gun with the respect due a loaded gun.

    2. Watch that muzzle! Be able to control the direction of the muzzle even if you should stumble.

    3. Be sure the barrel and action are clear of obstructions. And that you have only ammunition of the proper size for the gun you are carrying.

    4. Be sure of your target And what is beyond, before you pull the trigger; Know identifying features of the game you hunt.

    5. Unload your guns when not in use. take down or have actions open; Guns should be carried in cases to the shooting area.

    6. Never point a gun at anything you do not intend to shoot; Avoid all horse play with a firearm.

    7. Never climb a fence or tree or jump a ditch with a loaded gun; Never pull a gun toward you by the muzzle.

    8. Never shoot a bullet at a flat hard surface or water; At target practice be sure your backstop is adequate. (dirt bank)

    9. Store guns and ammunition separately beyond the reach of children and careless adults; Use gun locks, It is best to use a gun safe.

    10. Avoid drugs and alcoholic beverages before and during shooting; Also medications that have warnings, "Do not operate machinery or drive while taking this medication".

    .... .... .... ....

    As for hunting: from mouse to grouse, duck to buck, goose to moose, and hare to bear. (Actually I haven’t been bear hunting,... ...yet.)