Saturday, October 3, 2009

Week Four

First up, it's the Lions of Detroit meeting the Bears in Chicago. The Lions, regardless of their longest winning streak in recent memory, are still weak. The Bears should take them down hard and fast at home.

Note to Jay Cutler and the O Staff: with such a weak D coming at you this week, do you think just maybe you could find the time to work on that 'Explosion of Offense' thing that was all but promised to us?

Now, on to the biggest game of the week: Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Favres.
As much as I'd hate to say it, the Favres are looking like the team to beat in the NFC north this year. I had thought the addition of Brett Favre, and the subsequent team name change, would have muddied the well waters a bit, created some dissension, erode unit cohesion, or something else like that.

It appears such is not the case. This game, which already favors the Favres on paper, is going to come down to two things: Brett Favre, disgruntled Packer and The Packers sans Favre.
Who wants it more? A Packers D, that was never allowed to hit the spoiled golden child in practice... or the spoiled golden child who didn't get his way last time and wants revenge?

Well, a charmed life doesn't end with a jersey change. And at home, with all the fans backing him up, I'm gonna predict the child will be throwing a lot of tantrums toward the End Zone.

My pick: the Favres, by three touchdowns. Maybe more.


  1. Gino, it's hard to pick against the Packers, but clearly the Vikings have been the better team so far this year. The O-line is a problem for Rodgers.

    However, the Vikings aren't quite as good as everyone is imagining right now. I'll call it close, Packers winning 27-24.

  2. the Vikings aren't quite as good as everyone is imagining right now

    So nice to hear that you can speak for everyone, but the fact is that a lot of Vikings fans I've spoken to aren't overly impressed with the club thus far. Sure, it's nice to be 3-0 but there are still a few areas that need to be tightened up.

    Vikes have a slight edge since it's a home game and will probably win by that 27-24 score.

  3. I have no idea. I picked the Vikes to win and think they will. I have a feeling that this season is going to become quite strange before it is over, though.

  4. My biggest concern tomorrow is the health of left guard Steve Hutchinson (bad back). Given the sieve-like O-line the Vikings have had thus far, a hampered Pro-Bowler doesn't bode well. And if the Vikes D-line doesn't apply the pressure on Rodgers that they should, it'll be a loooooong night for the Purple.

  5. Mr. Carlson, I did indeed speak with everyone and that is what they told me. Could you spare some coin to help me with the phone bill?

  6. WB, you referred to what everyone is imagining. That tells me you're clairvoyant, so no phone calls should've been necessary.

  7. Now Brother Carlson, your logic is slipshod. Whereas my clairvoyance could have been used, its existence doesn't preclude the simple use of question and answer by phone. I'll have my coin now.