Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What can we say in a five minute coffee break about yesterday's game?

Objectively, the Vikings are a better team than my beloved Packers right now. No amount of rationalization can change that.

Do I regret the fact that Favre is gone? No. If Brett Favre were the quarterback of the Packers right now, behind the line the Packers had yesterday, he would not have done any better than Aaron Rodgers did. Aaron Rodgers is not the problem in Green Bay.

What's most puzzling to me is that Ted Thompson is sitting on a big pile of money. Considering that the Packers don’t have an owner per se, it's passing strange that Thompson is trying to do things on the cheap. It's not as if he has to report to a cheapskate like Bill Bidwill. He should have gone out and found a few veteran linemen in the offseason.

The Vikings have a very limited window of opportunity. If they don't win it this year, they may be waiting a long time afterwards. The other teams in the division are significantly younger and have a lot of upside. Give Ziggy and Childress credit for recognizing this.

Favre has played very well so far. The test will be the game against the Baltimore Ravens. If he beats them, look out.


  1. The Vikings have a solid team. Not too much change from last year with the exception of a few key players.

  2. If they don't win it this year, they may be waiting a long time afterwards.

    That's not necessarily true. Yes, they still have to address the QB position after this year. However, they still have a solid nucleus of relatively young players like Jared Allen, EJ Henderson, Kevin Williams, Ben Leber, Chad Greenway, Cedric Griffin, AP, Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice.

    I'm not saying they'll go 12-4 every season but they shouldn't fall completely of the map either.

  3. thing is, it was almost the Packer's game if didnt keep coughing it up in the red zone.

    i told ya, Favre is charmed, and the gods are on his side.
    it will be worse in green bay. bet on it.