Sunday, November 1, 2009

If you're watching the Vike's game instead of listening on the radio...

like I am, then you missed it---Greg Coleman describing the Viking's secondary coverage, about midway through the 2nd quarter:

"they're on them like stink on doo-doo."

I guess that's much better than just saying they stink, as is usually the case with Viking's secondary over the years.

Update: OK, so for a couple of GB offensive series there in the 2nd half the secondary was a pile of doo-doo.

Update: I just listened to the post-game interview that Greg Coleman had with Percy Harvin---my brain hurts from listening to Harvin answer the questions. I don't imagine he was a communications major in college.


  1. I don't think they expect their student athletes at Florida to be students so much. Harvin is a smart enough guy, though, but I'd rather he be a go-to guy on a pass pattern than an analysis of Chaucer. And since no one gets paid millions to analyze Chaucer, he probably made the right move.

  2. at least he steps smartly....groan