Friday, November 6, 2009

Perhaps the best Yankees team ever

The 1939 World Series Champions (107-45).

Not as famous as some other teams, but widely viewed by experts (well, experts who know what they're talking about) as the greatest baseball team ever. They scored 76 more runs than any other AL team and allowed 144 fewer. Their scoring differential of 411 runs is the best in major league history. Joe DiMaggio (.381, 126 RBIs) led an offense that featured five regulars with .400-plus on-base percentages, while 21-game winner Red Ruffing was one of seven hurlers to win 10 or more games.


  1. brad: didnt you say you were from the south?

  2. Gino, I was actually born and raised in St. Paul, MN. Have lived in the Twin Cities all my life.

  3. ok. i'll beleive that, becuase your speach pattern didnt match what i took to be your earlier claim.