Friday, November 6, 2009

Twins - a matter of loyalty!

I did a few minutes of research to find out how many of the current Twins Roster were actually drafted and developed by the Twins. I found this.
"six of the nine players in the Twins' starting lineup were drafted, signed, and developed by the Twins. And it doesn't stop there. In addition to those six starting position players that the Twins drafted and developed, virtually their entire starting rotation and a key reliever were also drafted and developed by the Twins.

Minnesota has one of the deepest middle of the orders of any team in the majors, and they are all players originally drafted by the Twins: No.3 hitter Joe Mauer (1st round, 2001), No.4 hitter Justin Morneau (3rd round, 1999), No.5 hitter Michael Cuddyer (1st round, 1997), and No.6 hitter Jason Kubel (12th round, 2000).

In addition, center fielder Denard Span (1st round, 2002) and third baseman Matt Tolbert (16th round, 2004) were also drafted and developed by the Twins.

In addition to that addition, the starting rotation, when all are healthy, of Scott Baker (2nd round, 2003), Nick Blackburn (29th round, 2001), Glen Perkins (1st round, 2004), Kevin Slowey (2nd round, 2005), and Brian Duensing (3rd round, 2005) were all also drafted and developed by the Twins.

So was key reliever Jesse Crain (2nd round, 2002)."

Unlike the Yankees who have 6 players on their active roster who are true Yankees, the Twins have a dozen or so. The only reason they don't have more is because our small market could not afford the likes of Tori Hunter, Johan Santana, Bartlett, Garcia, Pryzinski (I know I spelled it wrong) and many others I'm sure.

Sure we can't beat the Yankees. But when your payroll is a small fraction it doesn't hurt when they lose. But man does it feel good when they win.

Now if we could just get back that bonehead trade they made with Tampa Bay last year....Garcia and Bartlett for Haris and the quickest out in baseball (as I call him) Delmon Young.

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