Thursday, December 17, 2009

The continuing saga of Senator Fart Joke

You knew it was only a matter of time before the Senate's resident fart joke, Al Franken, would make a complete jackass of himself. But to turn the trick twice in one week? Well, I guess I underestimated just how much of a disgrace he is to my beloved home state.

Earlier this week, Franken totally misstates a point made by Senator John Thune and then epitomizes the understanding (or lack thereof) of health care proponents by not even properly interpreting the bill's ramifications.

Then in a seemingly unprecedented gesture today, Franken does not allow Senator Joe Lieberman an opportunity to finish his remarks after his allotted ten minutes elapsed.

Ah, but take heart Minnesotans. Only 5 years, 2 months and four days more to endure this buffoon.


  1. Brad, your nickname for the Junior Head Trauma from Minnesota is absolutely perfect.

    "Senator Fart Joke" is a name that must be perpetuated!

  2. he'll be re-elected.

    who wants to bet me on that?

  3. Gino, you don't really think anyone will take you up on that bet. Look at how much of a voting election joke Minnesota has become, it almost seems natural for the MN liberals to keep Senator Fart Joke around for several terms.

  4. Remember when dissent was patriotic.

    Now dissent is quashed and not allowed.

    Remember when the Senate was considered a venue for calm reasoned deliberate fair debate.
    That was before powermad Senator Fart Joke was "elected" in one of the most tarnished elections in Minnesota history.

    By the way, we have not fixed our broken election process; where a vote from, say, Hennepin county has more weight than a rural county. Applying different standards to favor your candidate is the key to corrupt elections.