Thursday, December 17, 2009

Even bigger news than the antics of Senator Fart Joke

I couldn't stand it any more. I've had my sabbatical. The news is just getting so depressing anymore; somebody needs to go out and find the nonsense in the world, and that is (one) of my callings in life.

I've started another one, which will continue in the tradition of The Far Wright.

So go check it out HERE.


  1. This is exciting news, KD! By the way, did I get voted off the island here? My name seems to have fallen off the "contributors" list on the sidebar....

  2. Sorry about that. Not quite sure how that happened. I haven't been in that section since I put everyone in.

  3. Now a whole blog about fart jokes, chili, and toilets! It's been missing since KAR went MIA!

  4. actually,mr d, we did have a vote, and since you werent there, you lost.

    but, if you must know: i voted to keep you. as it was, i was the only one, so they punished me with the duty to inform you.
    i'm sorry. i thought i sent the text.

  5. The Heathen Brother wants to be a contributor, too. Send me an email and I'll give you his email.