Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Let's just hope K-Rod isn't the first...

Seeing his post reminded me that back in October I asked for guesses on the date of the first snowmobile to go through the ice on a MN lake. PalmBoy and Gabrielle were way too early. Mr. D had picked today, but I don't think anything occurred. K-Rod picked December 5, and Bike Bubba picked the 15th. They're still in the running. I went with the 12th, which is the same date I picked in our family pool for the next snowfall of 1" or more.

For you extreme winter sports enthusiasts, here's a helpful bit of information that I have posted every year since I've been blogging.


  1. i think i picked a later date, like febuary.
    cant remember.

  2. After hearing all the stories of your savage winter, I guessed to early in the year.

  3. Given the beautiful November we've just enjoyed, I'm quite happy to have lost this little contest.

  4. I have rode my snowmobile over open water, as has my wife and dad.

    But with an MSRP near $10,000, I'll wait until there is at least 6" of ice.

    Speaking of water skipping:
    The Vermilion Water Skips in the spring are a blast. A few hundred people show up. Archie, he owns the VC, sells poor Gary pizzas out at the skips. Ain't capitalism great!

    And a few years ago they were even pulling people across on a snowboard with a rope tied onto the sled.

    I just watch, too many people and traffic on the water to chance it. I'll stick to the Oak Narrows or under the bridge.
    (My buddy went down in 10' of water under the bridge last year. He started from zero at the very edge of the ice and used too much throttle and went more straight up than forward... then straight down since he wasn't going forward... he was OK.)

    Usually ice in northern MN is a safe 6" by the 15th... I was hoping for an early start to the season, for obvious reasons.