Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's time to wake up old man winter!

Let it snow!!!!

This, my friends, is a 2009 Arctic Cat Crossfire R 800.
I bought it last spring and have yet to take the more than 140 ponies for a ride.

.... .... ....

This is my 2002 ZR600 that I detailed last weekend and got ready for the season.
It has over 7500 miles. I also cleaned the green jacket, so Dad will look cool on the cat.
Stock windshield in photo, mine has a shorter green windshield.

.... .... .... ....

And this is the wife's Polaris 550 Classic. Yes, of course it has electric start and reverse.
I also have a 1998 Indy Lite Delux 340 for the kids.


  1. In texas, we had almost an inch of snow today!

  2. Lucky!

    They had about 6" of snow at International Falls over the past few days.

    Lake Vermilion still hasn't iced over as of yesterday, but they did get over 2" of snow.

  3. Are you going to take Hugh Hewitt out this winter, K-Rod? (don't let him have the 140 ponies!)

  4. Is there a story behind that, Bubba?

    I don't know Hugh personally, but heck yeah, I'd love to take him out riding.

  5. Here's the story.

  6. Ah ha!

    I stay away from Lake Minnetonka, but Hugh is still welcome up on the arrowhead.