Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Glad I Don't Drink

Jonah Goldberg has developed a drinking game for the State of the Union tonight. If you try it, make sure to have a designated driver.
Lots of readers keep asking when we'll come up with our version. I'm not sure there's room to be too original here. His usual phrases are familiar enough: "Let me be clear," "make no mistake," "this will not be easy" etc. There's nothing wrong with that sort of thing. One different way to go is conceptual or thematic. Every time Obama suggests there's a consensus among experts about a proposal when there isn't, drink. Every time he claims to be aligned with the populist backlash he created, drink. Every time he suggests that History with a capital H demands that we do whatever it is he's talking about, drink. Every time he says that he's being "pragmatic" or "bipartisan" when he's actually being wildly ideological or partisan, drink. And so on.

My own preference is to drink every time he says something that will obviously cost me money. If that seems like an invitation to aclohol poisoning, you could narrow it down slightly by drinking only when something will cost you money and make the economy worse at the same time.

Anyway, I'm open to suggestions. (The Corner)

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  1. If you wanted to die quickly, you could take a sip every time he refers to himself. Evidently in a recent speech of not that long a duration, he referred to himself 132 times. He could be going for four figures tonight, which would put most men in a coma in minutes.