Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Good for Congressman Steve King

Who evidently dispatched a racoon invading his home with a .50 Desert Eagle. PETA is, of course, protesting, evidently not clueing in to the fact that an animal overcoming its fear of man to invade your home is not exactly the houseguest you want.

I'd quibble with his choice of caliber; .38 special ought to be sufficient to dispatch the critter while doing less damage to the house, but otherwise, well done.


  1. i'd say a .22 hollow point would be best.

  2. Dunno. I saw some of the critters out in Boulder that appeared big enough to haul away smaller sorority girls. I'd go with the .38 and risk damage to the house.

    Definitely Desert Eagle for PETA lunatics, though. :^) (J/K, for the humor impaired)

  3. .410 would do the trick as well.