Monday, February 15, 2010

Name game! beyond (way) Jennifer and Jason!

Out of 16 birth announcements in our local paper how many 1st names would you guess are traditional with normal spelling? You maybe guessed 10 or 5? Try 2! And the ones I'm saying looks normal (to me) are Isabella and Eli. We won't go into 2nd names but some proud parent here actually named their boy Jaxen Darold!

Here's a quick list of 1st name choices for your (and my) entertainment. Kai (boy), Lucian, Brody, Rogan, Keaton (I've heard this name for years but have never considered it mainstream, Nola, Keegan, kaiden, Kendal, Maxwell, Kayden (boys name..are you kidding me),Devin (sounds evil), and Enrique.

For my money I'll stick with Mark, Sean and Jane. Not Marc, Shaun and Jayne! Does this new trend not create a nightmare for score keepers and reporters and the like?


  1. I would count Maxwell and Enrique as normally spelled, if not common, names.

    Bang, bang, Maxwell's silver hammer came down on his head. Bang, bang, Maxwell's silver hammer made sure that he was dead. -Paul McCartney

  2. My neighbors have a son named Kaden, spelled that way. Devin is also a little more common than you'd imagine.

    That said, there are some weird ones out there. My daughter's class (she's 10) has a boy named Thoger (pronounced Tagger) and a girl named Phalen.

  3. W.B. Wham what was I thinking! I forgot the most famous Maxwell of all time. Maxwell Smart! But seriously, where I come from (frozen tundra, Minnesota), Maxwell is a pet name.

  4. Brody is not unusual, just not that common.
    Devin as well; been around for years.

    "Missed it by THAT much."


  5. depends on the family.
    Gino may be unusual or untraditional to you guys.
    but where my dad came from, its neither.

    and Kai is very traditional, as is Enrique. I grew up with lots of Enriques.(its Henry, in spanish).
    Lucian is traditionally french. There is even a St Lucian, its that old. its also traditionally italian, as Luciano (Pavarotti). and is the male basis for the traditionally 'American' female name Lucille.

  6. At the risk of being racially politically incorrect, I just shake my head at the African-American habit of putting La in front of anything and coming up with a name. LaToilet, LaSahara, LaIbuprofen, LaGrange.

  7. i think LaToilet is french from new orleans.

    brings to memory: i once worked with a flip named Van.
    he has a bunch of kids, all named after himself: Jovan, Levan, Donavan...etc.
    cool dude, though,

  8. which begs the question: what IS an American name?

  9. Pocahontas, Sacagawea, Sitting Bull, Tecumseh....