Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Huntin' joke in honor.....

.....of Guitarman admitting he almost shot the state bird.

Sven (Guitarman?) and Ole were out hunting for dat big buck, and tragically, Sven shot Ole. So Sven gets Ole to the doctor, and paces outside the door of the ER for what seemed like hours waiting for what would happen. The doctor came out, wiped his brow, and said "I'm sorry, Sven, I couldn't save him."

Sven breaks down into tears and says "is there anything I could have done to save him?"

The doctor replied, "well, it would have helped if you hadn't gutted and skinned him."


  1. Guitarman almost shot a mosquito?

  2. :^) A loon, actually. Unfortunately, it wasn't Nick Coleman.