Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let's file this under: what the f......

Ashton Kutcher to outsource building Russia's Silicon Valley to his Twitter fans

The actor is part of a U.S. delegation of technology and social media leaders that arrived in Moscow as part of White House efforts to improve ties with Russia.

What the...... I'm totally dumfounded. What the.....

What are they going to do next; name Adam Sandler ambassador to Russia.

WHAT THE F........


  1. The same Ashton Cusser, I mean Kutcher, who tweeted his entire profanity-laden tirade over his neighbor's home construction? Now his twits will see how he can cluster-cuss in Russian.

  2. It looks like we've been massively Punk'd.

  3. I'm kinda hopin' that we can send Rosie O'Donnell or Michael Moore over there.....they're insulated for the arctic cold at least.

    Of course, that would be an act of war, they they DO have nukes....OK, BAD idea on my part.