Saturday, March 6, 2010

Banana popsicles, banana cream pie, banana taffy...I love em all

Banana briefs. I might have to think about that one.

Aussie underwear has gone bananas

SYDNEY (Reuters Life!) - Australian underwear company AussieBum has been monkeying around and the result is a range of men's underwear made with bananas.

"Naturally you can't really add anymore banana fiber than that because it might be a bit squishy," said Jones, adding that wearers did not have to worry about real monkeys, as the underwear does not smell like a banana.

Personally, I don't get the point if they don't smell like bananas. Banana briefs----bacon strip----bacon and banana sandwich----Elvis. I bet the king (the other king) would be wearing them if he were alive today.


  1. ((**semi-raunchy sexual remark not posted.**))

  2. Gives new meaning to "banana hammock."

  3. I didn't even think of the sexual connotation until Gino mentioned it. I give myself credit for that!

  4. I'd be more concerned about the possibility of banana splits.